landscape: no highspeed ; time for thinking - composition; waiting for the right moment to have the light where and how you want; 
street: a litte faster than the landscape photography with a tripod - the most ephic aura comes with black&white - see portfolio.

sensual erotic shootings with professional models

motobiketravelling - hiking and german regions via blog.
cities travelling - german and international

aircraft documentation; construction to operations and maintenance; international travel acceptance; security approval for your company or restricted area needed.
plane spotting

businessportraits; sportsclub - teamshooting; model shooting

in case of interests in a tfp or paid shooting contact me via instagram - see above right.

sun is life - with sun starts everything  - is everything - and will everything end with.....sun is life.

railway are fascinating - small kids with electric - grown ups with the bigger versions - when people get older and have the monetary capabilties then companies like Maerklin & Co. can have a good business...

modern architecture in cities and the amazing design/architecture of vehicles is fascinating

modern nature where civilization is in between takes more of the old nature regions, where the place gets lesser and lesser - time to get the attitude changed and to keep everything as clean as possible

safari shots and normal zoo pictures - black & white filtered

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