Fine Arts - black&white 

fine Arts - what is it? fine arts is the most creative piece of photography - it takes time to find the right location - the right moment for light and the right mood for the composition. fine arts is to evoke some emotions and tries to bring the personal sensity of the photographer to the picture

black & white - the most pure style of photography - it began with monochrome - as there was in the beginnings only several materials available for doing pure black & white photos - this is my style of looking at the objects I see and makes for me the most senseful art to show how I see the the things through my lenses

portraits - what is it? portraits are the most difficult art of photography. portrait photography can composite the mood of the viewer and the moment of the picture. some are styled in the way of just laughing and trying to have the happiness shown - some are showing the situation of the mood and create empathy on the viewers end 

In the end it is not the years in life that count, it is life in the years.

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)







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